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Home » Carnival in Rio » Samba Parade at the Sambodrome - Sunday - FEB. 18 / 2007
We were once again at the Sambodrome for you to bring first-hand exclusive images. Enjoy original scenes from the concentration and from the Samba Runway in all its glory!

Estácio de Sá

opened the Samba Parade in grand style. After 10 years in the access group, they brought to the Sambodrome a favorite theme they had presented back in 1987, O Tititi do Sapoti. Many people remembered the song, and sang along. One of the floats had a replica of the Statue of Liberty covered with 800 thousand sticks of bubble gum!

Imperio Serrano

whad a very creative theme this year: It's normal to be different, an ode to tolerance and respect. One of the floats had a replica of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Quasimodo included. Unfortunately they had a problem with one of the other floats and may have lost points for leaving a blank space on the runway.


is one fo the samba schools that is always sure to make everybody stand and cheer. They came with beautiful floats, everybody sang along and waved the pink and green flag of the school as they passed. The theme portrayed the importance of the Portuguese language in our culture, a good excuse to put the school staff in traditional Portuguese costumes. Preta Gil, the only chubby Princess of Bateria (the others are all statuesque to say the least) was one of the highlights of the performance. Vocalist Jamelao did not make it this year. We must add a sad note of protest, though, because somebody at the concentration dared yell at Samba Icon and Diva Extraordinaire Beth Carvalho, and made her cry! Shame on you!!


has a tradition of 20 years in the special group,chose the theme Turn the Table, about betting games. The novelty was that this time the percussion band came in a float. They left at the niche between sectors 9 and 11 to be replaced by a fake band that repopulated the float. Juliana Paes, the Princess of Bateria was stunning.

Mocidade Independente

de Padre Miguel is simply referred to as Mocidade by the initiated. Their theme was handcraft, and it offered the opportunity to celebrate among others the people who work in the backstage of samba schools. The opening car had a giant bible showing the scene when Adam is banned. Adam was represented by a dancer in a latex costume that popped out of the book, and left from Paradise straight to the Samba Runway!

Vila Isabel

the winner of Carnival 2006, was the last school to march. As the line-up included only six schools, they marched at night (sometimes the last school marchs with the sunrise). The theme, about metamorphosis, was the excuse to have a first wing with dancers in monkey costumes that seemed to be extremely hot. The choreography was signed by Ana Botafogo, the most famous ballet dancer in Brazil. The parade was very luxurious.


Please click on picture to enlarge it.
Please click on picture to enlarge it.

The Samba Parade

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