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Home » Carnival in Rio » Samba Parade at the Sambodrome - Monday - FEB. 27 / 2006

Porto da Pedra

had a problem right in the beginning. One of the floats broke, causing a delay of more than 15 minutes. The theme was a tribute to Brazilian women who had an important role in Brazilian history.


was the second school to march, and the first to hear the audience cheering "É campeâo", meaning "It's the winner." Some critics felt that the school used too much the official colors green and pink, and some wings were quite similar to each other.

The front wing (abre alas) of Unidos do Viradouro was the greeting card of a better-than-average presentation. The floats were quite beautiful, but most cheers were to the queen of the percussion band, gorgeous TV actress Juliana Paes.


did not start well – spectators in Sector 1 felt they did not get the attention they deserved. The managed to turn the situation around, though, and altogether had an excellent performance.

Unidos da Tijuca

has been causing an uproar since 2004 when they presented the now famous DNA float. The school kept the tradition of making the floatees the main attraction of each float. The last float, representing Carnival, had 200 performers! Many people felt it deserved to win, even though they scored on sixth place.

Imperio Serrano

chose the theme Brazilian religiousness, but due to a general lack of funds some wings were compromised and some passistas had to march in black bikinis as their costumes were not ready in time.


more than compensated what was considered last year as a lack of consideration with the Velha Guarda, that was prevented to march due to lack of time. Some of the oldest members of the school came right in front with the abre-alas.

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The Samba Parade

Banda de Ipanema

Simpatia é Quase Amor

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