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Barra da Tijuca and West Side

The longest beach in the city, stretching for over ten miles, Barra da Tijuca and Recreio are on the West Side of Rio. The beach area is an isthmus, when you see from above there are lakes, too. There's the Olympic Park, RioCentro Convention Center, Cidade da Música, and a collection of shopping malls that won't quit.

There is a good combination of residential and commercial areas. Plenty of entertainment and nightlife options. As distances are basically too long to cover on foot, you will depend more on public transportation. This is also a good choice if you are renting a car or driving to Rio. Many hotels have parking garages - a luxury in other parts of the city.

The hospitality industry grew by leaps and bounds and there is a new range of four and five-star hotels that includes domestic and international labels that you may be familiar with. Find your personal favorites! Keep in mind that prices during the games may be higher than during off-season periods. You may also consider apartments and more alternatives.

Map of Suggested Hotels & Flats

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 Name  Area  Stars  Address  Rates
 01Sheraton Rio  Leblon    five    Av. Niemeyer, 121     Rates  
 02Ibiza Barra  Barra    three    Estrada da Barra da Tijuca, 395     Rates  
 03Marbella Barra  Barra    two    Estrada da Barra da Tijuca, 431     Rates  
 04Ibis Barra da Tijuca  Barra    three    Ave. do Pepe, 56     Rates  
 05Mercure Barra da Tijuca  Barra    three    Avenida do Pepe, 56     Rates  
 06Royalty Barra  Barra    four    Av. do Pepe, 690     Rates  
 07Entremares Barra  Barra    three    Ave. Erico Verissimo, 846     Rates  
 08Gaivota Rio  Barra    three    Ave. Belisario Leite Andrade Neto, 406     Rates  
 09Praia Linda  Barra    three    Av. do Pepe, 1430     Rates  
 10Sol da Barra  Barra    four    Av. Sernambetiba, 880     Rates  
 11Windsor Barra  Barra    five    Av. Sernambetiba, 2630     Rates  
 12Windsor Oceanico  Barra    four    Rua Martinho de Mesquita, 129     Rates  
 13Promenade Paradiso  Barra    four    Av. das Americas, 487     Rates  
 14Sheraton Barra  Barra    five    Av. Lucio Costa, 3150     Rates  
 15Transamerica Prime Barra  Barra    four    Ave. Gastao Sengers, 395     Rates  
 16Windsor Marapendi  Barra    five    Ave. Lucio Costa, 5400     Rates  
 17Novotel Barra da Tijuca  Barra    four    Ave. Lucio Costa, 5210     Rates  
 18Casa del Mar  Barra    three    Av. Sernambetiba, 5740     Rates  
 19Brisa Barra  Barra    five    Ave. Lucio Costa, 5700     Rates  
 20Promenade Link Stay  Barra    four    Ave. Ayrton Senna, 2600     Rates  
 21Monza  Barra    two    Ave. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 980     Rates  
 22Novotel Parque Olimpico  Barra    four    Ave. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 1151     Rates  
 23Ibis Parque Olimpico  Barra    three    Ave. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 1511     Rates  
 24Hilton Barra  Barra    five    Ave. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 1430     Rates  
 25Promenade Verano Stay  Barra    four    Rua Escultor Sergio Camargo, 50     Rates  
 26Promenade Barra First  Barra    four    Av. das Americas 7897     Rates  
 27Bourbon Barra  Barra    four    Rua Malibu, 1355     Rates  
 28Grand Hyatt Rio  Barra    five    Av. Lucio Costa, 9600     Rates  
 29Americas Barra  Barra    four    Ave. das Americas, 10500     Rates  

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