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Deluxe Five-Stars in Rio

The star rating system works for some reference. At a five-star property we expect premium accommodations, superior service, and a special touch that makes a difference. There's a higher ration of employees per guest. We assume there is a restaurant, fitness center and pool, and we are pleasantly surprised when there's a spa. There's always a wonderful breakfast, yet most times it is not included in the rate.

Rio has a fair number of luxury choices choices. You can be fussy about facilities and location. Choose oceanfront, design, historical, uphill. Most have hosted celebrities. They may be more flexible about travelers with pets. They tend to be very strict about the policy for visitors, yet there's always a bar where you can invite your friends for drinks.

Most hotels in Rio have undergone major renovations. It still makes a lot of sense to read some of the confirmed reviews and ratings by visitors. There is a new generation of deluxe properties in Barra da Tijuca and on the West Side, including international staples. Hotels are displayed by area, from Barra da Tijuca to Centro. Find your personal favorites, and enjoy your stay!

Map of Suggested Hotels & Flats

Interactive Hotel Map

Our maps are numbered and color coded for quick reference. Visit hotels to check facilities, services, and reviews from guests. Choose the dates of your stay for the lowest rates available.

 Name  Area  Stars  Address  Rates
 01Blue Tree Premium Rio  Barra    five    Av. Lucio Costa, 17360     Rates  
 02Grand Hyatt Rio  Barra    five    Av. Lucio Costa, 9600     Rates  
 03Best Western Premier Barra  Barra    five    Av. das Americas, 8585     Rates  
 04Grand Mercure Riocentro  Barra    five    Av Salvador Allende, 6555     Rates  
 05Hilton Barra  Barra    five    Ave. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 1430     Rates  
 06Brisa Barra  Barra    five    Ave. Lucio Costa, 5700     Rates  
 07Windsor Marapendi  Barra    five    Ave. Lucio Costa, 5400     Rates  
 08Sheraton Barra  Barra    five    Av. Lucio Costa, 3150     Rates  
 09Windsor Barra  Barra    five    Av. Sernambetiba, 2630     Rates  
 10Royal Tulip  Sao Conrado    five    Rua Aquarela do Brasil, 75     Rates  
 11Sheraton Rio  Leblon    five    Av. Niemeyer, 121     Rates  
 12Marina All-Suites  Leblon    five    Av. Delfim Moreira, 696     Rates  
 13Caesar Park Sofitel  Ipanema    five    Av. Vieira Souto, 460     Rates  
 14Fasano Rio  Ipanema    five    Av. Vieira Souto, 80     Rates  
 15Best Western Premier Arpoador  Ipanema    five    Rua Bulhoes de Carvalho, 337     Rates  
 16Sofitel Rio de Janeiro  Copacabana    five    Av. Atlantica, 4240     Rates  
 17Windsor Miramar  Copacabana    five    Av. Atlantica, 3668     Rates  
 18Rio Othon Palace  Copacabana    five    Av. Atlantica, 3264     Rates  
 19Pestana Rio Atlantica  Copacabana    five    Av. Atlantica, 2964     Rates  
 20JW Marriott Rio  Copacabana    five    Av. Atlantica, 2600     Rates  
 21Copacabana Palace  Copacabana    five    Av. Atlantica, 1702     Rates  
 22Windsor Atlantica  Copacabana    five    Av. Atlantica, 1020     Rates  
 23Santa Teresa Sofitel  Centro    five    Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 660     Rates  

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