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It is very easy to go to Arpoador from Ipanema. Just walk along the beach and go east. Arpoador shares a beach with Ipanema and Leblon . Francisco Bhering is the local Vieira Souto . (see map ).
Walking or cycling are the best options, as Francisco Bhering is a pedestrian street. Near Rua Teixeira de Melo you will pass by Casa Cultural Laura Alvim, a cultural center. Take a look at what the afternoon specials are before you go on.
Photo by Marcos Silviano for  All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados. You remembered to apply sunscreen, put on a hat and sunglasses, right? Make sure to drink plenty of liquids as well.
A good Carioca would stop for a chilled coconut ($1.50), beer, or even mineral water at any of the kiosks. The wavy patterns on Ipanema kiosks are by Mucki Skowronski, a talented Carioca artist.
The best place to enjoy your coconut water: sitting at any of the wooden seats on the wide sidewalk along Francisco Bhering. This friendly vendor is offering homemade cheese empadas , a small crusty pie. We'll pass this time, maybe later (always smile back).

And now, Garota de Ipanema Park , here we go!

Photo by Marcos Silviano for  All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados.
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