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Penthouse view of Copacabana Beach with the sidewalk mosaics and Foret de Copacabana far left. Copacabana is Rio de Janeiro's most vibrant and eclectic district, with countless attractions for locals and visitors. With over 160 thousand residents, it's almost a city within itself. The beach, landmark buildings, legendary nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques, and the trademark sidewalks are more than enough to captivate you. As you walk around and discover the parks, squares, sights, and especially the people, you will become a fan for life.

The cosmopolitan Copacabana skyline frames Morro dos Dois irmaos in Ipanema, and Pedra da Gavea in Sao Conrado.Wake up early and watch the sun rise out of the Atlantic Ocean. Somewhere else in Copacabana, at this very same time, fishermen are pulling their nets, senior citizens are going for their daily walk and dip in the sea, the first batch of fresh-baked bread is ready for sale at dozens of bakeries, and bouncers of Lido nightclubs are finally calling it a night.

If Rio is a city that never sleeps, Copacabana is on an guarana overdose. Copacabana Beach is where to spend New Year's Eve, a party that attracts two million people from all over the world.

The fireworks festival and the stages with live music shows are a big plus, but the Cariocas are the main attraction. Most everybody dresses in white, a tradition to bring peace and good luck.

Copacabana keeps a close relationship with its neighbors. Walk South and after you pass Posto 6, it's 5 minutes to Arpoador and Ipanema. Go North to Leme. Lagoa is Southwest, a short tunnel leads you to Botafogo, Flamengo and Downtown.

This is the neighborhood of Rio with the highest concontration of hotels, and there are options in all price ranges. They tend to be lower-priced than their counterparts in Ipanema and Leblon.

Bonus Video - Copacabana Beach

This is more of a relaxation video than anything else, a medley of Brazilian classics while people just enjoy the beach at its best. If you are looking for excitement Check out New Year's Celebrations and even Gay Pride! They all happen right here in Copacabana. We are currently updating our photos, so enjoy the vintage batch while you can. Thanks for visiting!

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Copacabana Classics
Copacabana Classics
Copacabana Classics
Copacabana Classics
Copacabana Beach
Copacabana Beach
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