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One of the most picturesque cities in the world, Rio has been the setting of several movies. To name a few, Ginger met Fred while Flying Down to Rio, Bette Davis came here to find true love at Now, Voyager, James Bond escaped from evil Jaws in Moonraker, and Joe Carioca showed Donald Duck how to have some fun in The Three Caballeros...

Carmem Miranda is the best ambassador the Marvelous City could have ever dreamed of. Her deliciously naive movies immortalized her charisma, and unique style of dancing, singing, and, of course, the fabulous accessories - still cherished in Brazil and abroad. Stop by Carmem Miranda's Museum at the Flamengo Reclaim - you may even adopt a bracelet, or something.

Rio has a strong cinema tradition, and it is probably the largest movie center in Latin America. Most good quality domestic films are either produced or shot in Rio. From the golden Atlântida comedies of the 50's, to the Cinema Novo in the 60's, to musicals and family comedies by Os Trapalhões in the 70's, Rio always seems to find new paths for the Brazilian movie industry. In the latest years several Brazilian productions were nominated for the Oscar.

At the movie theaters films are usually shown in the original language, with Portuguese subtitles. Cartoons and family movies may be dubbed to Portuguese. South Side neighborhoods like Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana have street movie theaters. The most traditional theaters in Rio are in the downtown area, around the Cinelandia Square. Cine Iris on Rua da Carioca is also a classical gem, leading a curious double life since it was discovered by party promoters. During the day they show low quality hard-core double features, and on weekend nights it is home to popular rave parties. You will find multiplexes at major malls in Barra, São Conrado and Botafogo. If a huge bucket of popcorn must be part of your movie experience, go to one of these.

Count on a good selection of American and European films, in addition to a few domestic movies. Major US productions sometimes start showing in Rio before they arrive in Europe. You will find classical and cult movies playing at Estação movie theaters around they city. Keep an eye for Rio de Janeiro's yearly movie festival, featuring over 300 attractions from around the world. The Friday supplements of O Globo, Jornal do Brasil, and Veja Rio are a great source of current information.

Cândido Mendes Ipanema Rua Joana Angélica, 63
Estação Ipanema Ipanema Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 605
Laura Alvim Ipanema Av. Vieira Souto, 176
Espaço Leblon Leblon Rua Conde de Bernardotte 26/101
Leblon Leblon Rua Ataulfo de Paiva, 391
Novo Jóia Copa Av. Copacabana, 680
Roxy Copa Av. Copacabana, 945
Inst. Moreira Salles Gávea Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 476
Estação Paissandu Flamengo Rua Senador Vergueiro, 35
Cinemark Botafogo Botafogo Praia de Botafogo, 400
Estação Botafogo Botafogo Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 88
Espaço Unibanco Botafogo Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 35
Rio Sul Botafogo Rua Lauro Müller, 116 - 401
Estação Museu Catete Rua do Catete, 153
São Luiz Catete Rua do Catete, 307
Odeon BR Cinelândia Praça Mahatma Ghandi, 5
Banco do Brasil Downtown Rua Primeiro de Março, 66
Palácio Downtown Rua do Passeio, 40
Art Fashion Mall São Conrado Estrada da Gávea, 889
Fashion Mall São Conrado Estrada da Gávea, 899
Barra Point (2) Barra Av. Armando Lombardi, 350
Cinemark Barra Barra Av. das Américas, 500
New York (UCI) Barra Av. das Américas 5000
Rio Design Barra Barra Av. das Américas, 7777
Via Parque (6) Barra Av. Ayrton Senna, 3000
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